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Rental method

Leasing a suite at chateau is extremely easy. Reach out to us via phone or email
and we will call you over for a private appointment and tour of the property.

Chateau Salon Suites

Phone: 678-788-3355

Email: chateausalonsuites@gmail.com

Our Philosophy

Chateau Salon Suites opened in 2015. Our aim is to help create a community with other beauty professionals and a path leading you to the future of the salon and spa industry! Chateau Salon Suites makes it easier for you to be your own boss! Practice what you love independently - raise your profits with the help of our double occupancy suites where you can work side by side with other professionals.

You may be a hairstylist, loc stylist, braider, barber, esthetician, or a massage therapist - we have something for every business owner!

Get more clients

Make 5x profit

Get Brand awareness

Offer specialized services

Save rentals and extra cost

100% successful business


The Best For You

Chateau salon and suites are adamant on giving you the best of the best


Keeping the needs in mind for cosmetologists we at Chataeu salon suites provide special fixtures and fittings fit for your needs.


As a barber your needs would be really unique to other beauty professionals. The Landlord provides each suite with a shampoo bowl, cabinetry, and all-purpose styling chair and dryer.

Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists and your customers require a cutting edge vibe to get the perfect experience. The Landlord offers property management and maintenance to make your business flourish to its full potential.

Massage Therapists

Visiting a massage therapist is the epitome of peace and serenity. At Chateau salon and suite we guarantee that you and your customers will get the serenity they are out on the look for.

Estheticians/Makeup Artists

When it comes to enhancing your customers natural beauty, the space your in should be as creative and as lit as it can be. . The Landlord pays all utilities as well as support services so that each suite holder is assured of a long, profitable and rewarding experience as the owner of their own business.

Body Contouring Specialists

Body contouring specialists require special sterilized environment in order to conduct their procedures safely. Chateau salon and suite offers you a worry free work environment where we handle all the hassles.

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